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Computer slide shows

We build electronic presentations to aid effective communication in meetings, seminars and promotional activity.

You may well have seen a computer slideshow used to back up a speaker at a seminar but, generally, only very basic usage is made of the scope of such software with the result that the effort is totally wasted or lasts a matter of days in the viewers memory. A speaker's name, message and/or business is often forgotten within days or even hours after the end of a meeting but a message, business name or logo seen in a visually attractive and interesting onscreen presentation stands a real chance of creating a long term lasting memory of the event. An electronic presentation is more versatile and less costly than the production of a video and has the added advantages that it can easily be amended or tailored for individual showings.

Why not set out to impress your audience with your name and logo on each slide, photographs, sound, imaginative use of colour, animation, short video clips embedded and perhaps even "voice-overs". You can also present them with backup notes containing a copy of each slide to take away with them. The aim is, of course, for delegates to remember you and your message.

Use them at seminars, lectures, meetings with colleagues, meetings with customers/potential customers or even at your golf club or other social club meetings.

Electronic presentations can also be prepared for use on the Internet or on your own Intranet. Follow this link for a basic demonstration of a PowerPoint electronic presentation slide show set prepared for Internet use. Use them on a commercial site or for educational purposes with the advantage that viewers can easily move back and forth between slides.

We usually build them using MS® PowerPoint 97 as the software and Windows 95 as the operating platform in order to allow for maximum flexibility at the user's end. They will run in that format on Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. We can also provide them for use on Windows 3.1 or Windows NT. If you have MS® PowerPoint on your computer, the material can be supplied for you to run from disk or to load into your machine. If you do not have MS® PowerPoint on your computer and are using Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT as the operating platform, the material can be supplied bundled with the MS® PowerPoint Viewer which will enable you to run the presentation on your machine. Alternatively, you may prefer to obtain your own copy of the MS® PowerPoint Viewer software from Microsoft on the Web ( as a free of charge download.

Why not contact us now to see what we can do for you.

Please contact Chris Bales for further information.

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