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Integrated Accounting Software

Supply, Installation, Set-up, Training and Support

We offer supply, installation, set-up, training and support services, either combined or as individual assignments for users of the much acclaimed QuickBooks accounting software, for -

         QuickBooks 6, both Regular and Pro versions.

         QuickBooks 8, both Regular and Pro versions.

         QuickBooks 2001 (sometimes known as 9), both Regular and Pro versions.

         QuickBooks 2002 (sometimes known as 10), Regular, Pro and Premier versions.

         QuickBooks 2003 (sometimes known as 12 or QuickBooks 03, no version 11 in the UK), Regular, Pro and Premier versions.

         QuickBooks 2004 (sometimes known as 13 or QuickBooks 04) in Regular, Pro and Premier versions.

         QuickBooks Customised Editions* of 2003 and 2004 versions QuickBooks software.

         QuickBooks 05 (also known as QuickBooks 2005 or version 14) in Quick Start, Regular, Pro and Accountant versions.

         QuickBooks 06 (also known as QuickBooks 2006 or version 15) released in March 2006 in Simple Start, Regular, Pro and Accountant versions. This version is still available for use when multi-currency facilities are needed.

         QuickBooks 2008 released in October 2007 in SimpleStart, Pro and Premier Accountant versions.

         QuickBooks optional integrating payroll package. A very effective payroll system for up to 100 employees where the payroll information is automatically fully integrated into accounting records and with online filing of P35 returns and P14's included as standard.

* The 5 Customised Editions were market sector specific editions of QuickBooks software especially for the UK market. They were -

 Contractor Edition. For contractors or sub-contractors working in the construction industry.

 Not-for-Profit Edition. For Charities and any association or not-for-profit organisation.

 Consultant Edition. For anyone providing professional services.

 Property Management Edition. For any property manager responsible for residential or commercial properties.

 Retail Edition. For shops with a requirement for cash and stock handling.

There have been no UK Customised Editions of QuickBooks since the 2004 versions but the ordinary editions of the software can be set up to provide the same or very similar facilities. 

We can supply copies of QuickBooks accounting software at very competitive prices. Email or telephone Chris Bales with details of your requirements to find out what we can do for you. During recent years we have supplied QuickBooks software UK versions to users across the UK and for use in Africa.

Our services are available both to regular clients of this firm and also to others on a one-off or consultancy basis, as required. Our location is in North Somerset within easy reach of the M5 motorway and our main area of coverage for onsite work is Bristol, Bath, Somerset including throughout North Somerset and East Somerset, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and surrounding areas. In addition, we can frequently undertake assignments far outside that area, as the proximity of the M5 and M4 motorways mean that we can travel longer distances easily, so do contact us to see if we can meet your needs. Telephone training and support assistance can be provided for users anywhere within mainland UK and in Northern Ireland. During the last year we have provided training and support assistance for users across the South and West of England from Cornwall to Kent, North to Lancashire, East to Northamptonshire and also to Northern Ireland. Support assistance and training can be carried out either onsite or on the telephone.

After initial onsite training following installation of the software, many operators find that our telephone support service is very useful as queries and difficulties can frequently be quickly and easily sorted out in this way, saving both time and cost. Queries received from clients by email and fax are answered as soon as possible. Laptop computer users can, by prior arrangement only, bring their machines with them to us for training purposes.

As with all business systems, proper assessment of needs, organisation and planning will result in an installation and set-up, including QuickBooks payroll if needed and for networked systems, that is appropriate to individual user's requirements. Our experience will be of considerable assistance at this stage. Payroll facilitates electronic filing of year-end data online and is now only available to subscribers running QuickBooks 2005, 2006 and 2008. If you need to upgrade your version of QuickBooks in order to continue running payroll, contact us as we are usually able to supply software at discounted prices.

We run the software for each version that we support on our computers other than for QuickBooks 6, so we are able to receive client's data files and load them direct onto our systems in the majority of cases. This will enable us to view all entries made in the data files and prepare Management Accounts and Annual Financial Accounts direct from the information received.

More than 5 million users worldwide including well over 100,000 in the UK use QuickBooks to manage their business accounts. Link to the QuickBooks web site for information about this comprehensive and user friendly integrated accounting software for small to lower medium sized enterprises together with the minimal hardware requirements that are needed.

Improve cash flow by offering credit card payment facilities through the QuickBooks credit card integrated system and electronic payment is facilitated through an integrating BACS e-payment solution. Approved 3rd party EPOS Electronic Point of Sale software and Internet shopping cart programs can link in to update QuickBooks records rapidly and accurately. Many other approved 3rd party software solutions have been developed to QuickBooks 2008. Run the Premier or Accountant version and you could access your accounts data file from anywhere in the world where an Internet connection is available.

Please contact Chris Bales for further information.

Chris is a member of the QuickBooks Professional Advisors Programme

BALES, Chartered Accountants, 15 Cheddar Close, Nailsea, Bristol BS48 4YA

Telephone: 01275 854237 Facsimile: 01275 855058 E-mail:

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